July - Babysitter of the month

Meet Ines - our babysitter of the month! 

What do you like about working with Children?

Children have always been my passion! Passion is a desire that is materialized into action to put as much heart, mind body and soul into something as is possible. This is how I feel about children when I play with them or simply interact with them. I’ve always believed that all children in this world deserve the best. Mostly, when you work with children you’ll feel entire happiness; you’ll notice that the great things in life are simple, natural, spontaneous things. They’ll show you how to enjoy the little things and seize the moments. I learn so much from them that I become the student. They give me peace and most of all, they make me feel the happiest person in the world when I am with them. My soul is healed by being with children!

What dish would you prepare if you would have to cook for the children during one of your bookings and why?

I love to cook, so I would do whatever the children want to (taking into account that the dish’s got to be something healthy). I would probably prepare Spaghetti Bolognese and something sweet for dessert!

Why did you decide to come to Barcelona?

I came to Barcelona to start my medical career. I want to be a doctor since I was little and now, here I am studying to become what I’ve always dreamed about!

What is your favourite place in Barcelona?

Barcelona is an amazing city, full of beautiful places, wonderful views, nice people, and such a great place to live or visit. And most of all, it’s a city that never stops!

​​​​​​​Having said that, it’s hard to choose just one favourite place but, in this moment, I probably choose the “Parc de la Ciutadella” because the grandeur of those monuments, the magnificent sights and the tranquillity of that vegetation can fill me with all sorts of nice feelings.