Celebrate Sant Joan

Summer Solstice in Catalonia it’s a big holiday.
In Catalonia there is a lot of emphasis on the Summer Solstice - the shortest night of the year. If you are in Barcelona during this period there is no way to miss the date - the fires in the streets and constant fireworks will remind you!



Sant Joan is often described by the Catalans as the "Nit del Foc" - meaning the "Night of Fire". The main aspect of the celebrations are the fireworks. In the days leading up to the celebrations there will be temporary fireworks boutiques open all over the city, with queues in the street.

There is a popular Sant Joan saying in Catalan: 'Fred per Nadal i calor per Sant Joan, salut per tot l'any' which translates as 'Cold for Christmas, warm for Sant Joan, health for the whole year!'


What to eat? 

A typical Sant Joan meal is called 'Coca'. These are bread-style cakes that you will see in the windows of bakeries throughout the city. There are several types available - both sweet and salty. Some contain crisp ingredients, fruits and nuts or cream. The ingredient they all share is anise - giving all Cocas a distinctive anise flavor.



Where to go?

To the beach!
Parties and bonfires are held at the beaches on June 23. It's a great show that starts from the afternoon, when people start to prepare to light the bonfires and it does not end until the morning. With a little luck the children will be able to see on some beaches rag dolls that represent the personages and events more representative of the city.

And in case you'd like to enjoy this night without having to worry about your children, you know who to call! ;)