Best parks in Barcelona

Children love parks, and Barcelona is fortunate to have some green areas for the little ones. Discover which parks in Barcelona are best to go with children. 

LA CIUDADELA. The park of the Ciutadella is one of the most emblematic. It is famous in the city because it is right next to the zoo and has a great extension. Green areas museums, a pond to climb in boats, areas to eat, figures of animals ideal for children ... and also activities and music in the weekend.

In the upper area of Barcelona there are several parks perfect for children.

VILLA CECILIA AND SANTA AMELIA. These two parks are located in the neighborhood of Sarriá. With exceptional gardens, a free playroom for the little ones, a cement court to play basketball, ping pong tables. Perfect also for cycling, scooters, a drink on your terrace or playing in separate play areas and designed for different ages. Here are the two posts: Santa Amelia and Villa Cecilia.

GARDENS OF THE MAZE OF HORTA The Horta Labyrinth Park is a game for families. The small, but important, labyrinth of the central part allows to resort, to hide and to have fun. It is a park inspired by other times and has a great sweetness and romanticism.

COLLSEROLA. The Collserola Natural Park is extensive and a good location for various excursions with trails and paths. In the same park, you can reach areas to have fun with viewpoints to gardens and forests. You can also see pure architecture, fountains and restaurants in order to rest and eat with family or friends. Guided tours are offered for schools and theme walks.

PARQUE DE LOS GOGANTES GIGANTES DE DIAGONAL MAR. Perhaps it is one of the most original parks in the city. In Diagonal Mar you will find a huge space perfect for biking, walking or running by the lake. But its main attraction are the giant slides in which children and you can throw (recommended to wear a pareo, especially in summer). And if you later want to walk along the beach or do some bike route in the area, it is next to the promenade.

PARQUE DEL EINA or els GARDINS DE SENTMENAT, are some of our favorite gardens. A very large, clean park. Perfect to go with bikes too, lie on the grass, play, etc. It has a play area for the little ones and there is also a bar / terrace, Aula Zero, where you can have a vermouth or a drink. The truth is that it is an ideal place to organize outings with friends even stay to eat as they make sandwiches and group menus economical.