Barcelona Babysitter of the Month - June

June - Barcelona Babysitter of the month is Laura

What do you like about working with Children?

I like working with kids because you learn from them so much! I admire children´s honesty, creativity and caring. It’s fun and rewarding job to help the kids and their families. 

What dish would you prepare if you would have to cook for the children during one of your bookings and why?

Nachos! (the healthy version) It’s delicious, easy and friends love my nachos.

Why did you decide to come to Barcelona?

I move to Barcelona, because I was living in Buenos Aires and I miss being in the outdoors. Barcelona has the perfect balance of city, mountains and beach.

What is your favourite place in Barcelona?

My favorite place in Barcelona is Park Guell. It combines everything I like; nature, art, colors and outdoors activities. The only complain is that it’s always crowded.