Babysitter of the month


Every month we will be presenting one of the babysitters of our team. This month we spoke to Britt, a lovely young lady from the Netherlands... 

What do you like about working with children? 

What I like about working with children is that the job is never boring. Children have a nice and own vision of the world. I like their imagination and love to be a part of their fantasy while they play. Also I love how cute they are of course :) 

For how long have you been a babysitter?

Ever since I was 14, mostly in the Netherlands (I am 23 now). This was mostly for children of friends of my parents or my little cousins. When I moved to Amsterdam to go live by myself, I babysat two boys two days a week and a little baby one day a week. So quite a long time already! I'm very excited to be part of Barcelona Babysitter and love to meet new families of different backgrounds and nationalities. I simply love spening time with children and it's a great job to combine with my studies. 

What's your favourite place in Barcelona and why do you love it?

My favourite places in Barcelona would probably be the Monjtuic fountain and castle for it's amazing view. I also really love Parc Guell.